GetHuman Launches to Do Our Customer Service Dirty Work


On Thursdays I like to cover technology news and talk about how it relates to developers. Today I’m going to discuss a company called GetHuman and their launch into an industry I didn’t even know existed, the secondary customer service space.

At a high level the company started as a directory based application that gave consumers guides to connect with the customer service departments for various companies. This past week they launched a new service that takes it to a new level and you can actually hire them to do everything for you.

I recently moved to Arizona and I’m currently researching which internet provider I want for the condo so I went through the steps they have on their site and it’s pretty intuitive and easy to use. After answering a few questions it gave me an estimate that setting up Internet with CenturyLink would take 10 minutes over 3 steps. They give an option to go through the steps manually or pay them $14 to let them handle the process for me.

This is a great example of a development team finding a problem spot in the market and building an easy to use solution for fixing it. I’m constantly talking with developers and entrepreneurs who are building a business that’s simply a slightly different version of another successful business, such as “this is an Uber for XYZ industry”. But I like companies like GetHuman because they’re not trying to copy someone else, they’ve seen an issue and they built an elegant application to help make people’s lives easier.

Even though you may have not hear of them yet, GetHuman has been around since 2005 and was founded by Paul English, the former CTO of, as a way for his Father, who was battling Alzheimer’s, to have step by step guides for contacting businesses and it has evolved into the service it is today.

I’m very interested in seeing how GetHuman grows and especially how they solve the problem of handling issues such as answering confidential questions. However I’m a huge of any service that aims to improve an issue as messy as customer service.

GetHuman Customer Service Support Resources

GetHuman Customer Service Support


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