Using Blocks to Dynamically Format Content in Ruby


This coding exercise will test your knowledge of how to use blocks in Ruby. Specifically, we’ll walk through how to build a method that can take in a block as an argument and output an array of formatted values.


Build a method that can accept an array and a block as arguments and return an array of formatted elements.

Exercise File

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Exercise Description

Given the following array:

@players = ['Altuve', 'Correa', 'Bregman']

Build a method that can generate formatted content, such as:

["1. Altuve", "2. Correa", "3. Bregman"]
["<p>1</p> <div>Altuve</div>", "<p>2</p> <div>Correa</div>", "<p>3</p> <div>Bregman</div>"]
["<li>Altuve</li>", "<li>Correa</li>", "<li>Bregman</li>"]

Real World Usage

This is a common requirement in Rails development when building view helper methods. Imagine a scenario like the ones mentioned above where you have a list of data elements and you need to dynamically generate HTML tags for each component. This is a powerful tool to have in your coding arsenal.


Can be found on the solutions branch on github.


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